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The more you use your Plussa card, the more you save and enjoy personal offers and service.

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Use your card

Use your Plussa card when you shop to claim your Plussa benefits. By using the card you also collect Plussa points, which – once you’ve collected enough – will be converted to Details about Plussa money.

The more you use your card, the better K-Plussa and our K-retailers can offer you a relevant selection of products and benefits. In time, your Plussa experience will become even more personal and rewarding.

Plussa cards and payment

Show your Plussa card at checkout to collect Plussa points. This way you’ll also ensure that you get all your Plussa benefits. Based on your Plussa purchases you’ll start to receive more personalized offers and benefits.

To get your points and benefits when you shop, insert your Plussa card in the payment terminal (cards with a magnetic stripe) or hold it up next to the terminal (contactless cards) before you pay. It’s also a good idea to connect your bank’s payment card to K-Plussa, so you automatically earn Plussa on all your purchases in K-group stores and with Plussa partners. Easy, right?

Lost card

Lost or broke your Plussa card?

Here’s what to do

One card, many benefits

The Plussa card is your key to earning valuable Plussa points and claiming numerous Plussa offers.

Order the Plussa card

You can get a secondary card for everyone in your family that’s at least seven years old, free of charge. This way your whole family’s Plussa purchases will be added up and you can quickly increase your Plussa point accrual. Go to your Plussa account’s profile view to order the cards.

K-Plussa -kortti

K-Plussa Maksuaika - The most rewarding Plussa card

K-Plussa Maksuaika is a new card designed and created by K Group and OP. The new K-Plussa Maksuaika combines the best features of a K-Plussa card and a payment card. The card has no monthly or annual charges, and it gives you a term of payment and a Purchase Protection Insurance while you accrue Plussa money faster than with a regular K-Plussa card.^1

You can apply for a K-Plussa Maksuaika card regardless of your primary bank. You can use the card at 36 million shopping locations around the world and online, and withdraw cash from ATMs in Finland and abroad. You will receive a monthly invoice and can decide for yourself whether to pay it in full or in instalments. If you pay the invoice in full, you will not incur additional costs. The card gives you a 35-day interest-free billing period. You are also automatically entitled to a free Purchase Protection Insurance for purchases of over 40 euros.

To apply for a card, adjust your credit limit, and find out more about the Purchase Protection Insurance, go to

^1: When you use your K-Plussa Maksuaika card to pay for purchases in 
K Group stores, you earn double Plussa points from grocery and various other purchases. You do not accrue additional points for online purchases or car service, and they will not affect your earned bonus points.

K-Plussa Maksuaikakortti

K-Plussa bank partner cards

With the K-Plussa feature added to your payment card, you need just one card to pay and claim benefits. You get Plussa points and benefits automatically when you pay with a K-Plussa bank partner card.

You can add the Plussa feature to the following payment cards:

Go to Danske Bank's site The link re-directs you to another service.

To add K-Plussa to your Danske Bank payment card, log in to eBanking and apply for a new “K-Plussa Mastercard Debit” or “K-Plussa Mastercard Credit Debit” card. You’ll find the application under the cards and currency section. The new card is subject to Danske Bank’s current service charges.

Go to OP's site The link re-directs you to another service.

As an OP customer you can add K-Plussa to your payment card by logging in to the online service. You can add the K-Plussa feature to the following cards free of charge: OP-Visa, OP-Visa Electron, Op-Visa Debit and OP-Visa Debit Mobile. Adding K-Plussa does not affect any other feature of your card, and your customer details will continue to be separate while using one card.

Go to Nordea's site The link re-directs you to another service.

Add K-Plussa to your Nordea payment card by logging in to your Netbank. You can add the K-Plussa feature to the following cards: Nordea Credit Mastercard, Nordea Gold Mastercard, Mastercard Premium, Nordea Platinum Mastercard and Nordea Black. Add the feature by navigating to “Everyday finances > Cards > Card editing and renewal” and selecting the card. The new card will be delivered to you in about three weeks. The new card is subject to the fee stated in Nordea's tariff.

Plussa mobile card

The Plussa mobile card is an Android app that you can use in K-group stores just as you would a contactless Plussa card. You can download the app to an Android phone equipped with NFC and operating system 4.4 or newer. The card works in nearly all K-group stores.

Go to old site The link re-directs you to another service.

MobilePay and Plussa

You can use MobilePay as a payment method in all K-group grocery stores. MobilePay works on all smartphones and with all banks’ cards. When you add a Plussa card to your MobilePay app, you’ll get a new Plussa card number for mobile use, which gets you the same Plussa benefits and points as your other Plussa card numbers. If your phone is lost, you can remove the card in the MobilePay app from your account and keep using your other Plussa cards.

Go to The link re-directs you to another service.