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Benefits and offers

As a Plussa member you get many offers and benefits from K stores. Pirkka magazine is one of many benefits and you can get it from your own grocery store. Use your card and get discounts!

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Personal OmaPlussa discounts

The personal and weekly changing OmaPlussa discounts are based on the purchase history of your Plussa household. You can see your personal OmaPlussa discounts when you log in to your Plussa account or download the K-Ruoka mobile app. You can also order the benefits to your own e-mail by subscribing our newsletters The link re-directs you to another service..

The discounts are automatically downloaded to your Plussa card. If you want to redeem the benefit, show your Plussa card on the payment terminal.

How do I access OmaPlussa benefits?

Your OmaPlussa benefits are based on your personal purchase history. To access them:

  • Subscribe to our electronic customer newsletter here The link re-directs you to another service.
  • And/or download the K-Ruoka mobile app from your app store and enter your K-Plussa card number.
  • If you subscribe to the newsletter/begin using the app during the first half of the month, you will see your first MyPlussa benefits at the beginning of the following month. If you subscribe to the newsletter/begin using the app during the latter half of the month, you will not see the first benefits at the beginning of the following month but a month after that.
  • New benefits will be introduced at the start of each week. To see your benefits, read the K-food store newsletter and/or go the Omat Plussa -edut section of the K-Ruoka app. You can also see your benefits by logging in at Note that these benefits are tailored to you personally, and therefore you will not see them advertised at the store or elsewhere.

OmaPlussa mobile benefit

Alongside the personal OmaPlussa benefits, a new OmaPlussa mobile benefit that can be activated in the K-Ruoka application has been introduced.

The OmaPlussa mobile benefit discount, which changes weekly for app users, is up to -40%. The benefit must be activated in the application before the purchase, and it can be done in advance, in which case the benefit is saved on the Plussa card. When the benefit is activated in the application, you can claim the benefit at the nearest K-food store by using the Plussa card in connection with the payment transaction. The OmaPlussa mobile benefit is personal and always valid Mon-Sun.

Pirkka magazine

Pirkka magazine is a benefit for all Plussa households. The magazine consists of many tips and ideas for everyday life.

Before September 2020 the magazine was mailed to Plussa members' homes. Today, Pirkka magazine is available to everyone from K-food stores. The magazine is free with the Plussa card. Without the Plussa card, the price of Pirkka magazine is € 4.90. The magazine is only in Finnish.

Pirkka-lehti on Plussa-jäsenen etu

Current benefits of a Plussa member from the K-Group

As a Plussa member, you receive weekly benefits and offers from all K-Group stores. Follow the benefits offered by your own retailer from the K-Ruoka application The link re-directs you to another service. or order a customer letter The link re-directs you to another service. directly to your email.