Lost Plussa card

Has your Plussa card got lost or damaged? Did your bank card with a Plussa membership number got stolen? Contact our customer service or your own bank and you will be supplied with a new card. Any points or savings on your previous Plussa card will automatically be transferred to your new card.

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Lost Plussa card

In a case of your Plussa card has got lost, it is important to deactivate your Plussa card. By deactivating your card, you ensure your Plussa money is not misused. Deactivate your card by contacting our customer care tel 01019 8604 Mon–Fri 9–21. You will be supplied with a new card and your Plussa points or Plussa money will automatically be transferred.

If your Plussa card was linked to your bank card and your bank card got lost, call 020 333 (open 24/7). When notifying your bank that your card has got lost or stolen, you will be asked to verify your identity. Therefore, you will be asked your social security number when calling the phone number. K-Plussa will get the information about deactivation straight from your bank and after being informed, Plussa money cannot be used by the deactivated bank card.

Lost K-Plussa Maksuaika

If your K-Plussa Maksuaika got lost or stolen, block your card immediately by calling the 24/7 blocking service 0100 0555, or abroad +358 100 0555.

You don't need your Maksuaika card number - your ID number is sufficient. Your responsibility stops after the notice if someone uses your card. A new card and pin-code will be ordered at the same time. Your new card should arrive in about a week.

Damaged Plussa card

If your Plussa card is damaged or broken, you can order a new card by contacting our customer service. A new card will be sent to you and it will arrive in two weeks. Any Plussa points or Plussa money will be transferred to your new card.

Damaged K-Plussa Maksuaika

If your K-Plussa Maksuaika is damaged, please call OP customer service 010 252 7020 Mon–Fri 8-19. You will get a temporary Plussa card from a K shop for your use and you can continue collecting points and accruing Plussa money. A new K-Plussa Maksuaika is sent to you via mail in about a week.

Lost or damaged bank debit or credit card with Plussa feature

If your bank's payment card with the Plussa feature is lost or damaged, please contact your bank to close and replace the card. We receive blocking information from K-Plussa from the bank and this also prevents the use of Plussa money.