Students K-Plussa

Students K-Plussa

When you join K-Plussa as a student, you get 5% of your money back on groceries as well as other great benefits.

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Shop and save

To make your student life as smooth as possible, K-Plussa and our K-retailers offer university students free Plussa membership.

As a student member of K-Plussa, you get ten times the normal Plussa points. This means you get 5% of your money back on your grocery shopping at K-group stores if your monthly purchases add up to over 75 euros. Everything you buy from these product groups accrues extra points:

  • Food and refreshments
  • Household supplies and hygiene products
  • Cosmetics
  • Café and restaurant purchases at Neste K stations

The refund takes the form of Plussa money, which you get in batches of 5 euros and can use as a discount in any K-group store.

Other Plussa offers for students

As a student member you also get plenty of other benefits from K-group stores. Stay up to date on all your benefits by downloading the K-Food app (available in Finnish). and VV-Autotalot Oy: You get special deals on cars and tires at K-Caara and VV-Autotalot Oy.