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K Tunnus terms of use



The K-Tunnus service (hereinafter “the Service”) is a service offered by Kesko Corporation (hereinafter “Kesko”, business ID 0109862-8, address Kesko Corporation, PO Box 1, FI-00016 KESKO) for login and identification, aimed at Kesko’s customers (hereinafter “the User”). It is a mobile and online service by Kesko that enables the User to login to mobile and online services (“Online Services”) by Kesko and companies belonging to the same group or chain network as Kesko (“K Group”), and to manage the information the User has provided for the Service. Questions related to the Service can be submitted to the K-Plussa customer service; contact details and service times are available at

The Service enables, for example, the User to login to K Group’s digital services, and to independently manage their Service or K-Plussa data.

User obligations

To use the Service, the User must commit to complying with these terms of use. If the User does not accept these terms of use, the User must discontinue the use of the Service.

When a person joins Plussa via the website, a K-Tunnus ID is created for the User. Any legally competent person or person with the consent of their guardian can register and use K-Tunnus. Each K-Tunnus ID is personal, and the User is not entitled to give or disclose their user ID or password to a third party. If a third party obtains a K-Tunnus ID unlawfully, the User is liable for all costs and damage resulting from the misuse of the user ID.

A User must inform Kesko without delay of potential misuse of the user ID by contacting the customer service. Customer service contact details are available at The User is responsible for keeping the user ID and password for the Service secret, as well as for ensuring that the K-Tunnus, Service, and Online Services are used in accordance with both these terms and the terms of use of the online services. The User is also responsible for the User’s K-Plussa membership and for using their membership in accordance with the K-Plussa rules.

K-Tunnus may not be used to publish or distribute materials protected by copyright, trademark rights or similar without the permission of the holder of the right, nor may it be used in any other way that may be harmful, offensive or damaging to Kesko, other users, or third parties. The User is obliged to pay compensation for any misuse and for any action in breach of law or contract. Kesko has the right to limit the use of user IDs in cases where misuse is detected.

The electronic web environment is not fully data secure. The User is responsible for taking appropriate precautions regarding the data security of their own data systems. The User is also responsible for the procurement and functioning of any equipment and connections required to use the Service, and for ensuring they cause no inconvenience, disturbance or damage to Kesko and/or to third parties. The User commits to informing Kesko immediately of any suspected or detected misuse of the User’s user ID.

Additional services or features offered via the K-Tunnus service may be subject to separate terms of use, separately mentioned in connection with the additional service. If the separate terms of use (such as the terms of use of a Plussa account) contradict these general terms of use, as a rule the separate terms of use applied to the webpages and/or services in question take precedence, supplemented by these general terms of use .

Prerequisites for Service use and data used in the Service

K-Tunnus is a login and identification service for people who use Kesko’s services. When a person joins Plussa via the website, a K-Tunnus ID is created for the User or the User may create a K-Tunnus using the login options available at any given time. Potential login options include email and confirmation code, or social media identity solutions (e.g. Google account). Kesko may add new or remove previously used login options at its discretion for reasons related to e.g. data security or similar.

If the User uses their email address to create a K-Tunnus, the User must separately confirm the email address given within a timeframe specified in the Service. If the User does not confirm the email address within the timeframe given, the information is removed from the system. If the User has not confirmed the email address they have given, but still wants to create a K-Tunnus, the User must repeat the registration process.

For new Plussa members, K-Tunnus ID linked with their Plussa-membership will be created upon joining. The User may also link their K-Plussa membership to their K-Tunnus at a later date. Linking Plussa membership and K-Tunnus enables a personalised service experience for the User based on registered K-Plussa purchase data and other profiling information. When the User’s K-Plussa membership is linked to the K-Tunnus, the User can access features utilising the User’s purchase history or other profiling data. Such features may include:

  • A view of the User’s Plussa points and personal Plussa offers
  • A view of the User’s purchase history
  • A possibility to update or independently change information related to the User’s K-Plussa membership

Linking a User’s K-Plussa membership to their K-Tunnus requires strong identification to verify the User’s identity. The strong identification may be carried out using online banking codes, a mobile certificate, or other generally approved method of strong identification employed by Kesko. The Service will provide the User with a link to the identification service and its Data Protection Notice. If the User is unable to carry out electronic identification or if the strong identification service cannot be used to identify a K-Plussa member, customer service may carry out manual identification.

The Service uses cookies to produce services, enable targeted content, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. If the User links their K-Plussa membership to their K-Tunnus ID, data related to the K-Plussa membership may be used to analyse the functioning of the services employed by the User (e.g. or the K-Ruoka mobile app), and to further develop them. An identifier created for a K-Plussa membership linked to a K-Tunnus may also be used to target advertising by Kesko Group and Plussa partners. Targeting advertising requires consent from the User. Detailed information regarding data collected via the K-Tunnus service and the processing of the data is provided in the K-Tunnus Data Protection Notice The link re-directs you to another service.. The link re-directs you to another service.

Kesko is constantly developing the Service and features not mentioned in these terms of use may be added to the Service. For example, new features based on data obtained from a K-Plussa membership may be introduced to K-Tunnus users.

Liability for the Service and disclaimer

The Service is provided as-is, without any obligations. Kesko does not guarantee that the information presented in or accessed via the Service is correct or reliable. Kesko is not liable for any direct or indirect damage, such as delay, loss of revenue, goodwill, right of use or information, or for other financial loss, resulting from the use of the Service and information contained therein, or by the discontinuation of the Service.

Disruptions or disturbances in network connections may have an impact on how up-to-date the Service information and content are and on whether the information and content are accessible. Kesko does not guarantee uninterrupted or flawless operation of the Service, nor is it responsible for the accessibility of K-Tunnus. Kesko is only liable to the extent required by the regulations of Finnish law.

Kesko has not approved or checked third-party websites connected to K-Tunnus via link, and Kesko is in no way responsible for their content. The use of websites maintained by third parties is subject to the rules of those websites and platforms.

Kesko Corporation reserves the right to amend the services it maintains and these terms of use at any time, as well as to deny access to the Service, or to discontinue its maintenance.

Discontinuing use

The User can discontinue their use of K-Tunnus ID and/or the Service by deleting their user ID at The User may also ask customer service to delete their K-Tunnus, in which case the customer service must be able to verify the User’s identity in accordance with the procedures in place.

The Service provider has the right to delete a K-Tunnus or discontinue the use of a K-Tunnus. This may be due to a suspected breach of data protection or data security. A K-Tunnus may be deleted if the user asks for this or if Kesko has justified cause to suspect the misuse of the user ID.

The use of K-Tunnus will end automatically if the User has not used the K-Tunnus ID for services it covers for two years. At its discretion, Kesko may delete and cancel K-Tunnus IDs that have not been used for two years without notifying the User of this.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Finnish law shall apply to these terms of use. If a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, the first stage of dispute resolution shall be the District Court of Helsinki. A customer may bring a claim also in the court of first instance of the locality in whose judicial district the customer has domicile. Consumers can also submit the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board. Additional information can be found at