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K-Tunnuksen avulla voit käyttää K-ryhmän digitaalisia palveluja. Voit liittää Plussa-jäsenyyden K-Tunnukseesi, jolloin saat käyttöösi palveluissa kaikki ominaisuudet ja edut.

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Access all services with one K-Tunnus

K-Tunnus works in many of the K Group’s digital services aimed at consumers. This means you can sign in to different services using the same user name and password.

When you sign in, you get access to multiple features that make online shopping easier, among other benefits.

To create a K-Tunnus and use it, you must accept the K-Tunnus Terms and Conditions.

Linking your Plussa membership to K-Tunnus

You will get the most out of your K-Tunnus when you link it to your Plussa membership. You can link your Plussa membership to your K-Tunnus by completing strong authentication electronically by using your bank details, for example.

Strong authentication is required, because we want to make sure your Plussa membership is valid. Strong authentication for linking the Plussa membership is only required once when you sign in for the first time.

Linking you Plussa membership to K-Tunnus is not mandatory. This means you can use your K-Tunnus and sign in to the services without a Plussa membership.

Removing K-Tunnus

You can remove your K-Tunnus after logging in to your profile with your K-Tunnus and password. After removing your K-Tunnus, you will no longer see your Plussa data in the plussa.fi service. In addition, you will not be able to log in to the K-Ruoka.fi service or the K-Ruoka and K-Lataus apps.