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The K-Plussa Data Protection Notice has been updated and made easier to understand 2.8.2021


What is a Data Protection Notice?
A Data Protection Notice tells you how personal data is processed and used.

Who does the update to the K-Plussa Data Protection Notice concern?
The update to the K-Plussa Data Protection Notice concerns all Plussa customers. You are a Plussa customer if you have one or more Plussa cards with your name.

Why was the K-Plussa Data Protection Notice updated?
We have updated the Data Protection Notice to make it easier to read and understand. We offer more information on the processing of your data, including examples of how we operate and how you can impact the processing of your data.

What has changed?
We have made the Data Protection Notice clearer and more detailed and updated its content based on developments made in recent years.

  • We now provide more information in section 2 (What data do we process?). We have also made it clearer how you can affect the review of your purchase data or the processing of your other data in our data file.

  • In section 3 (For what purposes will your personal data be processed?), we have included information on messages and notices sent to manage the customer relationship, and describe marketing purposes in more detail.

  • In section 4 (Storage period), we have added a link to the K-Tunnus Data Protection Notice, as the K-Tunnus ID is used to log into the Plussa.fi service. We have also included information on different services and where you can find information on service-specific storage times. The electronic receipt service referred to in the Notice is one such service.

  • In section 5 (Right to withdraw consent) we explain in more detail what consent concerns.

  • We have added two new groups to section 8 (Information on recipients of personal data). The new recipient groups have been added due to new electronic services we offer.

  • In section 13 (Data obtained from sources other than you), we have included Kesko Corporation’s other data files and updating data from sources other than Posti Ltd’s address information system.

Do I need to take action?
No, as a Plussa customer, these updates do not require actions on your part. We are informing you of the change so that you will be aware of the updates.

Data Protection Notice