Plussa points

As a Plussa member you collect one Plussa point for every euro you spend. You can also earn bonus points from your monthly grocery shopping. At the end of each month, all your points are converted to Plussa money like this: 1,000 points = 5 € Plussa money.

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How to earn Plussa points

You collect Plussa points for all your purchases in K-group stores and from Plussa partners by showing your Plussa card, or using another payment card with the K-Plussa feature, at checkout.

By getting everyone in your household a secondary card free of charge, each member’s Plussa purchases will be added up and you can quickly increase your Plussa point accrual.

All K Group stores and Plussa partners

How to earn bonus points

In addition to the Plussa points you collect, you can earn bonus points based on eligible monthly purchases.

All purchases from K-Market and K-Supermarket and groceries from K-Citymarket and Neste K stations.

Palkintopisteet kertyvät portaittain ostojen määrän perusteella. Ensimmäisen tason saavutat 350 euron kuukausiostoksilla.

Extra Plussa

You can collect extra Plussa points in special Lisä-Plussa campaigns offered by several store chains. You’ll see the extra points as their own line on your monthly account statement. Extra points don’t affect your bonus point accrual.

Learn more about earning Plussa points

You earn points and money when you pay for your Plussa purchases with cash or a personal Visa or Mastercard payment card and show your Plussa card at checkout.

Plussa points are accrued automatically when you pay with a K-Plussa Maksuaika or an OP, Nordea, Danske Bank or Säästöpankki payment card equipped with the K-Plussa feature. You can also use these cards’ K-Plussa feature when using another payment method.

Plussa points can’t be accrued by showing the Plussa card image in the K-Food app. Plussa points are not earned on bottle returns, alcohol and tobacco products, Veikkaus products, admission tickets and Gift Cards. Plussa points are also not earned on HetiEtu purchases from K-Rauta.