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Personal OmaPlussa benefits

Personal OmaPlussa benefits that change every week are based on the purchase history of your Plussa household. The benefits are automatically loaded onto your Plussa card. If you want to take advantage of the benefit, use your Plussa card when shopping.

Read how to get OmaPlussa benefits:

AppStore Linkki ohjaa sinut toiseen palveluun. Google Play Linkki ohjaa sinut toiseen palveluun.

You will receive the first OmaPlussa benefits within a week after ordering the customer newsletter or log into the K-Ruoka application.

In the future, the benefits will change at the beginning of each week and you can see them in the K‑ruoka store's electronic customer letter at the beginning of the week, in the K‑Ruoka application under My Plussa benefits and by logging in to plussa.fi tai k-ruoka.fi Linkki ohjaa sinut toiseen palveluun.