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Changes to K-Plussa's rules and Data Protection Notice

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The K-Plussa rules and notice to be updated on 1 November 2022

Why are the K-Plussa rules being updated?
In future, we want to reward Plussa members for purchases made with the Plussa card each month. Members will no longer need to wait for the accrual of €5 of Plussa money.

The update of the rules will enable us to offer even more personal service to our members. We will improve the possibilities of our Plussa members to update their information in the service.

Do I need to take any action due to the updates?
No, Plussa members will not need to take any special action. We are informing you of the change so that you will be familiar with the future rules.

I received the letter about the change of the rules, and it included the names of former parallel card holders. What should I do?
You can remove former parallel card holders yourself at If you want to add new parallel card holders to your Plussa household, visit

Who does the update of the rules concern?
The update concerns all Plussa members. You are a Plussa member if you have a Plussa card under your own name at your disposal.

What are the changes to the rules?
The primary Plussa member and the members authorised by them will receive Plussa money for purchases made with the Plussa card each month. They will not need to wait for the accrual of €5 of Plussa money.

The holder of the primary card in a Plussa household is called the primary member and the holders of parallel cards are called members. A Plussa household consists either of the primary member alone or the primary member and other members together.

The primary member decides on the composition of their Plussa household, and can add a member to their Plussa household or remove a member from it. The primary member also decides who in the household can use Plussa money.

Even if a member withdraws or is removed from a Plussa household, their personal Plussa membership continues. A withdrawn or removed Plussa member forms their own Plussa household.

A person who becomes a Plussa member when they are underage will need to accept the K-Plussa rules when they come of age. We will send a reminder message concerning this.

If you do not accept the changes to the rules, please contact the K-Plussa customer service.

K-Plussa rules as of 1 November 2022

Why has the K-Plussa data protection notice also been updated?
We updated the notice to ensure that it corresponds to our rules.

What has changed in the data protection notice?
We updated the notice to correspond to the updated Plussa rules, improved the readability of the notice and added some examples on the use of personal data.

K-Plussa data protection notice as of 1 November 2022 The link re-directs you to another service.

Plussa’s Data Protection Notice has been updated 24.1.2022

Who do the updates to K-Plussa’s data protection notice concern?
The updates to K-Plussa’s data protection notice concern all K-Plussa customers. You are a K-Plussa customer if you have a Plussa card under your own name at your disposal.

Why has K-Plussa’s data protection notice been updated again?
We monitor official guidelines and instructions related to data protection and review our data protection notice on a regular basis. On this occasion, we specified our data protection notice with respect to its description on the processing of personal data, particularly processing based on a contract or a legitimate interest, to give you a clearer idea of the purposes for which we use your personal data.

What does ‘legitimate interest’ mean?
A legitimate interest is an objective defined by the controller that requires the processing of personal data. The controller of the Plussa customer register is Kesko Corporation. A legitimate interest can be used to justify the processing of personal data for the purposes of promoting business activities, for example. The development of services and effective marketing, as well as advertising targeted at a customer in terms of products that are thought to interest the customer, are examples of measures that aim to promote business activities.

What has changed in the data protection notice?
The notice has been specified in terms of the purposes for which your personal data is processed, particularly in respect of how we use your personal data to develop our services. In other words, we have not come up with any new ways of processing your personal data. Instead, we have wanted to provide you with an increasingly clear description of what we mean by the purposes of processing personal data and what the grounds for processing your data are.

To section 3. We have provided a more detailed description of processing based on legitimate interests under For what purposes will your personal data be processed? In the Plussa customer register, your personal data is processed to achieve the following legitimate interests:

The development of services and business operations, and for enabling them

  • To develop our business and services, we may send our customers questionnaires to find out what they expect in terms of our services or, say, the development of our selections.
  • By identifying and anticipating our customers’ purchasing habits, we can provide customers with the products they desire in the exact store(s) they visit.

*The effective marketing of services and products in a way that appeals to customers *

  • Based on customer data, we form different customer categories or profiles of our customers to target special product offers at customers we think may be interested in them.

To offer marketing services to Kesko’s partners

  • We advertise our suppliers’ new products to those customers we think may find them interesting based on their customer data.

The maintenance of a sponsoring service agreed on between customers and a retailer

  • We process the purchasing data of those customers who have signed up for a sponsoring service offered by a store to enable the sponsoring of the selected sport club.

Ensuring the quality of our customer service, as well as its development and monitoring, including the processing of customer feedback

  • We record customer calls made to our customer service to be able to ensure the quality of our customer service and develop it further.

Ensuring the legal protection of customers and Kesko

  • We record any messages sent or calls made to us by our customers so that we can guarantee the legal protection of both parties, and have the possibility to check what was agreed in connection to any particular case.

The K-Plussa Data Protection Notice contains more details and explanations of the type of processing involved in terms of each legitimate interest. We have also updated information on the storage of any incomplete application data. In addition, we have added information on how any favourite stores and recipes you have saved at are saved in Plussa’s customer register, if you have linked Plussa to your K-Tunnus.

Do I need to take any action due to the updates?
No, you do not need to take any action because of the updates. If you do not wish us to process your data on the basis of legitimate interests, you have the right to refuse or “object to” such processing. You can object to the processing of your personal data by contacting Plussa’s customer service. (Button: Data Protection Notice -> link to the notice).

The K-Plussa Data Protection Notice has been updated and made easier to understand 2.8.2021


What is a Data Protection Notice?
A Data Protection Notice tells you how personal data is processed and used.

Who does the update to the K-Plussa Data Protection Notice concern?
The update to the K-Plussa Data Protection Notice concerns all Plussa customers. You are a Plussa customer if you have one or more Plussa cards with your name.

Why was the K-Plussa Data Protection Notice updated?
We have updated the Data Protection Notice to make it easier to read and understand. We offer more information on the processing of your data, including examples of how we operate and how you can impact the processing of your data.

What has changed?
We have made the Data Protection Notice clearer and more detailed and updated its content based on developments made in recent years.

  • We now provide more information in section 2 (What data do we process?). We have also made it clearer how you can affect the review of your purchase data or the processing of your other data in our data file.

  • In section 3 (For what purposes will your personal data be processed?), we have included information on messages and notices sent to manage the customer relationship, and describe marketing purposes in more detail.

  • In section 4 (Storage period), we have added a link to the K-Tunnus Data Protection Notice, as the K-Tunnus ID is used to log into the service. We have also included information on different services and where you can find information on service-specific storage times. The electronic receipt service referred to in the Notice is one such service.

  • In section 5 (Right to withdraw consent) we explain in more detail what consent concerns.

  • We have added two new groups to section 8 (Information on recipients of personal data). The new recipient groups have been added due to new electronic services we offer.

  • In section 13 (Data obtained from sources other than you), we have included Kesko Corporation’s other data files and updating data from sources other than Posti Ltd’s address information system.

Do I need to take action?
No, as a Plussa customer, these updates do not require actions on your part. We are informing you of the change so that you will be aware of the updates.