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Som Plussa-medlem får du tillgång till ett stort utbud av tjänster som blir allt mer personliga ju mer du använder ditt Plussa-kort.

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K-Ruoka app

The K-Ruoka app features many services that make life easier for Plussa members, including recipe recommendations based on your purchasing history. Once you have logged in to the app as a Plussa member, you have access to many of its personal features.

Goodbye to paper receipt!

By enabling the new Paperless service in the K-Ruoka applications settings under "Kuittiasetukset", a paper receipt is no longer printed at K grocery store checkout when showing Plussa card.

You can always find your purchase and warranty receipts in the K-Ruoka application under the "Sinä" view under "Kuitit" or through the settings. The digital receipt is updated in the application quickly after the purchase.

In exceptional cases, the receipt is still printed despite the service being activated. These events include e.g. purchases made at self-service cash registers, when buying gift cards or package services, account and billing sales, repair receipts and a few other cases.

Ota käyttöön paperiton palvelu

Electronic receipts

In the K-Ruoka app, you can find electronic receipts for the grocery purchases you have made using your Plussa card. The receipt archive also includes warranty certificates for the products whose warranty remains valid. Read more about electronic receipts here Länken tar dig till en annan webbtjänst..


Once you have activated the app and logged in as a Plussa member, you can play games and win product prizes. If you win, the prize will automatically be charged on your Plussa card. You can read more about all the games available in the app on the K-Ruoka.fi website Länken tar dig till en annan webbtjänst..

Digital reward cards

In addition to all the features above, you can find digital reward cards Länken tar dig till en annan webbtjänst. in the K-Ruoka app. The link redirects you to another service. You can activate the cards in the app. Stamps will be accumulated automatically, as long as you remember to register your purchases using your Plussa card. The reward cards are household-specific, so that all members of your Plussa household can collect stamps to get rewards.

More instructions for downloading the app

Do you need help to download the K-Ruoka app? More detailed instructions on how to download the app are available here Länken tar dig till en annan webbtjänst..

If you have any questions about the use of your purchasing history in our digital services, please contact our customer service.

Sponsorship Service: Support & Accumulate

Has your K-Retailer agreed on a sponsorship cooperation with a local club? If so, you can become a supporter of the club and accumulate a sponsorship sum for your club by shopping in you K-Retailer's store.



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