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Användarvillkor för webbplatsen Plussa.fi

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Terms of use for the Plussa.fi website 13.5.2020


The Plussa.fi website is owned and maintained by Kesko Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) Business ID: 0109862-8 Street address: Työpajankatu 12, 00580 Helsinki Postal address: Kesko Corporation, PO Box 1, FI-00016 Kesko, Finland

Website purpose and content

The purpose of the Plussa.fi website is to act as an information channel between the Company and the user. The website provides topical information on Plussa benefits and the Plussa system.

The use of some individual webpages or services included in the Plussa.fi website may require the user to register and/or accept separate terms of use in addition to these general terms of use. If the separate terms of use contradict these general terms of use, the separate terms of use applied to the webpages and/or services in question will take precedence, supplemented by these general terms of use.

Terms of use

The Plussa.fi website may only be used in compliance with these terms of use. By using the website, the user commits to complying with the terms of use in force. As the Company may occasionally make changes to the website’s terms of use, the user is advised to review the terms of use at regular intervals.

If you do not accept these terms of use, we kindly ask you to refrain from using the Plussa.fi website.

Applicable law

Finnish law shall apply to these terms of use. Any disputes that may arise will be resolved by the Finnish judiciary.

The contents of the Plussa.fi website are protected under the Finnish Copyright Act and international agreements. The text and images must not be used for commercial purposes or purposes in contravention of good practices.

The Company reserves all rights to the webpages and their contents, unless otherwise stated in these terms of use or on the website itself. Any copying or distribution of all or parts of the content of the online service, including but not limited to text, photographs, music and computer software, is prohibited unless expressly stated otherwise or enabled by a functionality that is integral to the online service. The Plussa.fi website may be viewed, browsed and printed for the purposes of the user's own personal use.

Individual documents on the Plussa.fi website may be subject to separate terms of use; in such cases, there will be a specific mention thereof in connection with the document.

The logos and brands that appear on the Plussa.fi website, as well as all related trademarks, product names, service names, slogans and other intellectual property, are the property of companies belonging to Kesko Group or third parties, and the user must not use them in any way without advance written consent from the Company or the relevant third party, with the exception of materials and logos that are suitable for printing and that are permitted for use for journalistic purposes providing that the source of the data is named when such material is used.

The use of the Plussa.fi website or parts thereof or services or links contained therein does not give rise to right of use to the aforementioned intellectual property rights or other intellectual property rights belonging to the Company or third parties.

The user shall be obliged to pay compensation for any misuse.


The Plussa.fi website is presented as-is, without any obligations. The Company provides no guarantees regarding the correctness or reliability of the information presented on the website or accessed via the website (such as price and product information). The Company does not guarantee uninterrupted or flawless operation of its website, nor is it responsible for the accessibility of the website. The Company reserves the right to change the online services it maintains and these terms of use at any time, as well as to deny access to the website or discontinue its maintenance.

The Company is not liable for any direct or indirect damage, such as delay, loss of revenue, goodwill, right of use or information or other financial loss, arising from the use of the Plussa.fi website or information contained therein or the discontinuation of the service. The Company is only liable to the extent required by the regulations of Finnish law.

Privacy protection

The Company complies with the data protection legislation in force in the processing of personal data.

For information on how we process data related to your web browsing, please review the Data Protection Notice of Kesko’s web browsing register.

Here Länken tar dig till en annan webbtjänst. you will find information on K Group’s use of cookies and on how we process data obtained using cookies.

Information security

The Company has arranged for the information security of the Plussa.fi website in a generally accepted manner, complying with due diligence and good data processing practices, and striving to prevent unauthorised access to the information systems using appropriate technical solutions. However, the Company cannot guarantee full information security. The user is responsible for ensuring the appropriate information security of the user’s own information systems.

Kesko Corporation reserves the right to amend these terms of use.