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K-Plussan Parhaana asiakkaana saat ainutlaatuisia etuja ja entistäkin henkilökohtaisempaa palvelua.

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The best benefits

As a Best customer you enjoy the best benefits K-group has to offer. In addition to collecting Plussa points and existing Plussa benefits, Best customers receive valuable benefits in K-group stores and from our partners, personalized services and the possibility to exchange Plussa points and Finnair Plus points.

You become a K-Plussa Best customer when your household’s Plussa purchases from K-group stores over the past 12 months exceed 6,500 euros. Both primary and secondary cardholders’ Plussa purchases are counted, so it pays off to concentrate your whole family’s shopping with K-group.

K-Plussa palkitsee parhaita asiakkaitaan

Plussa benefits to your inbox every month

Have you already signed up to get Best customers’ benefits to your inbox? We send you all your benefits in a monthly email newsletter to keep you up to date on current offers.

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Black Plussa card

As a Best customer you get a black Plussa card. You’ll automatically receive the black primary card and one black secondary card by mail. If you have more secondary members, you can order black cards for them too by calling our Best customers’ service number at 010 19 8600. If you want to add more secondary cards to your household, log in to your Plussa account or fill in an application form at a K-group store. Please note that the black card does not replace a bank partner credit or debit card equipped with the Plussa feature, if you already have one in use.

Use your card

With your black Plussa card you get K-group’s and our partners’ best benefits. At K-group grocery stores you can claim Best customer benefits with any of your household’s Plussa cards, including bank partner cards with the Plussa feature or a K-Plussa Mastercard. The benefits are added to all your household’s cards automatically.

In other K-group stores and with our partners you can claim your Best customer benefits only by showing your black Plussa card. Please remember that you also need to swipe your Plussa card at checkout to collect Plussa points.

Plussa card in the K-Food app

If you use a payment card with the K-Plussa feature, you only need to carry one card with you if you download the K-Food app to your phone(available in Finnish). You can claim your Plussa benefits by showing the card image in the app.

In the K-Food app you’ll also find your personal benefits, your Plussa points and money, a list of your frequently bought products and a shared shopping list, your local store’s opening hours and offers, over 6,000 recipes and all K-group grocery stores on a map. The K-Food app is available for all smartphones (currently only in Finnish).

Parhaan asiakkaan musta Plussa-kortti

Double the points with K-Plussa Mastercard

When you pay for your purchases with K-Plussa Mastercard, you get double Plussa points in all K-group stores until December 31st, 2021. If your card’s been idle, now’s the time to put it to good use. Campaign points do not affect bonus point accrual, and are not accrued from car service.

If you don’t have one yet, apply for a K-Plussa Mastercard here.

Best customers’ benefits

We want to offer K-group’s Best customers with our own and our partners’ best benefits. You can find information about benefits in the Pirkka magazine, by signing up for our email newsletter, and in the K-Food app. You can also log in to your Plussa account and check your benefits there.

Your own customer service number

If there’s anything on your mind or you want to give us feedback, contact our Best customers’ own service number at 010 19 8604. We’re available on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. Local network or mobile charges apply.

Benefits in K-group grocery stores

Your local K-retailer offers Best customers with free trials of new products and special deals of up to 50% off on selected products. You also get weekly personal offers from your local store on products that would end up in your shopping basket anyway. The offers are added to all your household’s cards and you can claim them by showing your Plussa card at checkout.

Other benefits

In addition to grocery stores, other K-group chains like Intersport, Budget Sport and Kookenkä as well as many Plussa partners offer you Best customer benefits.

Benefits with K-Caara

You get a 15 % discount on tires and installations from Volkswagen, SEAT and Audi Centers (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Huittinen, Forssa, Kotka, Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Joensuu, Kuopio, Lahti, Hämeenlinna, Hyvinkää and Tampere). The discount is calculated from current online offer prices.

When you buy a trade-in car from, you get the same number of Plussa points as the value of the card. Remember to mention that you’re a K-Plussa Best customer when you order the car.

You can also get a 50 % discount on the recommended retail price when you use K-Caara’s pick-up service for bringing your car in to regular maintenance in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Book the pick-up service when you book your maintenance time online at Volkswagen, SEAT and Audi Centers. The offer is available when the address for pick-up and delivery is in the following areas: Espoo, Helsinki, Järvenpää, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Tuusula or Vantaa.

Offers are available until December 31st, 2020 by showing your Best customer’s black Plussa card.

Special offers from partners

Our partners pamper our Best customers every month with extra benefits related to recreation, travel, health and wellness and a selection of restaurants.

Exchange loyalty points

As a K-Plussa Best customer you can exchange Finnair Plus award points and K-group Plussa points. With two Finnair Plus award points you get one Plussa point, and with one K-group Plussa point you get two Finnair Plus award points. If you for example exchange 15,000 Plussa points for Finnair Plus award points, you can claim an award flight to Southern Europe or Dubai! To exchange loyalty points between Finnair and K-group, call the Best customers’ service number at 010 19 8604.

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