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As a K Group Best Customer, you get valuable personal benefits and even more individual service.

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Best benefits

As a K Group Best Customer, you enjoy the best benefits. In addition to the accumulation of Plussa points and existing Plussa benefits, Best Customers also receive valuable additional benefits with K Group stores and partners, more personal service, and the opportunity to exchange Plussa points with Finnair Plus award points. As a Best Customer, you will receive more personal MyPlussa benefits in K Group grocery stores.

To become a K Group Best Customer, your household's Plussa purchases from K Group stores need to have exceeded 6,000 euros over the past 12 months. A household’s Plussa purchases include purchases made by the main cardholder and those made by any parallel cardholders – this is why it makes sense to concentrate the whole family’s purchases in K Group!

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Weekly emails on your MyPlussa Best Customer benefits

We want to offer our Best Customers targeted personal communication. We will send you weekly email updates on your personal MyPlussa benefits. To stay up-to-date on your current benefits, subscribe to the direct email link below, or download the K-Ruoka app.

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Best Customer ID

You will find your digital Best Customer ID in the K-Ruoka app and the Plussa.fi login page. Best Customer status is granted for 12 months at a time.

To access your Best Customer benefits in K-food stores, use any Plussa card in your household, a payment card with a Plussa facility, or a K-Plussa Maksuaika card. The benefits are automatically available with all Plussa cards in your household.

To get Best Customer benefits in other K Group stores and with our partners, show your Best Customer ID in the K-Ruoka app. Remember to also show your Plussa card at checkout to register your Plussa points.

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Double your Plussa points

Use a K-Plussa Maksuaika card to obtain all Plussa benefits and points in one go. You will also earn Plussa money faster: by paying with a K-Plussa Maksuaika card in K Group stores, you earn double Plussa points from grocery and other purchases until 31 December 2021. The additional points do not accrue for online store purchases or car service, and they will not affect earned bonus points.

Best Customer benefits

We want to offer K Group’s Best Customers the best benefits by K Group and its partners. We will tell you about the benefits by email and in the K-Ruoka app. You can also log into your Plussa account and check your current benefits there.

K-Plussa customer service

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the K-Plussa customer service, tel. +35810 19 8604, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Calls charged either local network charge or mobile call charge in Finland.

Your benefits in K Group grocery stores

Your grocery K-retailer offers additional Best Customer benefits based on your personal purchase history, as well as special benefits. This way you receive benefits on products you tend to buy anyway. The benefits are pre-loaded on all Plussa cards of the household and you can redeem the benefits by using the Plussa card when paying.

Other benefits

In addition to grocery stores, other K Group store chains and K-Plussa partners also offer benefits.

Special benefits by our partners

As a K Group Best Customer, you can exchange Finnair Plus reward points with K Group Plussa points. Two Finnair Plus reward points give you one K Group Plussa point, and one K Group Plussa point gives you two Finnair Plus reward points. For example, by exchanging 15,000 Plussa points for Finnair Plus points, you can redeem a flight reward trip to Southern Europe or Dubai! To exchange points between Finnair and K Group, contact K-Plussa customer service, tel. +35810 19 8604.